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Primary care in USA is evolving. People are getting tired of rising insurance premiums and Doctors are getting tired of the mountain load of paper work and decreasing compensation. Concierge medicine has been in existence for a long time but, until now only the wealthy could afford it. Now, the same concept is being brought out to the general public in an affordable manner. Primary care in India is evolving now, thanks to the initiative taken by the Nationwide group which is bringing this international concept and more to the Indian population. NationWide Primary Healthcare Services Pvt. Ltd. is an initiative of a team of Indian doctors, who have returned to India after having worked with the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK, for more than a decade. Our vision is to bring the best practices in Primary Healthcare to India and to provide world class primary healthcare services to our fellow citizen at an affordable cost. Highlights - Online Medical Records, Health Management by a ‘Personal Physician’, Doctor Home visits and Video Consults, 24/7 Doctor On-call, specialist referral, second opinion, counselling services. All this and many value added services for subscribers provided at a very affordable price. Nationwide also offers Corporate Personal Physician. Visit the website and browse at your leisure. Feel free to contact for further information. Contacts:
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